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Factory-Built BIO-PURE Sewage Treatment Plants


BIO-PURE systems are provided as one complete factory-built, extended-aeration, batch-type Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System sewage treatment plant containing all needed equipment for efficient operation of the plant. Models 20EFO through 100EFO were classified as NSF C-9 sewage treatment systems. They are fiberglass- reinforced, plastic structures divided into three major sections consisting of an aeration tank, clarification tank, and ozone contact discharge tank. Models 150EFO to 500EFO are three- part filament-wound, reinforced fiberglass tanks consisting of an aeration tank, settling (clarifier) tank, and ozone contact discharge tank The principal items of equipment in each unit consist of an inlet basket, aeration blower(s) and mixed-liquor transfer pump(s), supernatatant transfer pump(s), settling tank sludge return pump(s), discharge pump(s), ozonator and discharge tank sludge return pump. The treatment plant structure is reinforced to withstand normal interior hydrostatic pressure, and outside soil pressure if buried.


1. The sewage treatment plant equipment furnished is provided by one manufacturer so that responsibility for proper installation and satisfactory operation of this equipment is not to be divided.

2. The equipment furnished and installed is warranted by the manufacturer to operate satisfactorily , on specified influent, for a period of one year after shipment from the factory. Replacement parts for this warranty period are furnished by the manufacturer at no charge, FOB, except where failure was caused by equipment mistreatment or circumstances clearly beyond control of the manufacturer.

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