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Introduction to the BIO-PURE Process

An Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration System

The BIO-PURE treatment system provides a unique package for controlling biological digestion of organic waste. The BIO-PURE process is somewhat similar to other treatment processes which utilize a sequence of disintegration, aeration, clarification, and chlorination. However, the BIO-PURE process provides a great improvement over flowthrough design.

The BIO-PURE process controls effluent quality by sequencing batches through the treatment cycle. Therefore, effluent quality is not affected by surging flow rates. A BIO-PURE system will accommadate a sudden surge of one third of normal daily total flow without affecting flow rate through the clarifier or chlorine contact chamber. Additional storage can be added by installing an in-ground buffer tank.

The unique BIO-PURE process (U.S. patent # 3,746,638) has registered U.S. trademark # 1723561.

In addition to the primary advantage of controlled effluent quality, the BIO-PURE system provides the following advantages:

1. Reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) to levels within limits of current U.S. Government standards for secondary waste treatment. The BIO-PURE system can meet California Title 22 regulations, considered one of the strickest requirements in North America.

2. Improved disintegrator basket design forces reduction of particle size of solids without plugging the system.

3. Quiescent clarification after automatic surface skimming of floating materials by controlled weiring back to aeration chamber.

4. Improved fecal coliform reduction using ozone injection to less than <2 mpn/100ml.

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